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Discover Prescott’s Regional Airport

Prescott, Arizona, a city celebrated for its enchanting mix of historical depth, scenic beauty, and contemporary innovation, is also the home to a key asset in regional transportation—Prescott Regional Airport (PRC). Recognized as the 18th busiest airport in the nation by total aircraft operations in 2021, PRC stands as a testament to both the city’s vibrant past and its commitment to providing an efficient and pleasant travel experience today.

More than just a point of departure and arrival, Prescott Regional Airport carries a significant legacy, named in honor of Ernest Alexander Love. A First Lieutenant in the United States Army Air Service and Prescott native, Love’s story is one of courage, with his ultimate sacrifice during World War I leaving an indelible mark on the community. His memory lives on through PRC, reminding travelers of Prescott’s enduring respect for its heroes and its historical roots, since its dedication to him in 1928.

PRC’s strategic location serves more than the casual traveler; it’s a hub for a wide array of aviation activities. Classified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a non-primary commercial service airport, it accommodates everything from recreational and corporate aviation to flight training and commercial services, showcasing its versatility and importance to the region.

Despite its busy status, PRC offers a travel experience that balances modern amenities with a personal touch. Facilities at the airport include everything today’s traveler might need—comfortable lounging areas, fast Wi-Fi access, options for dining and shopping, and streamlined rental car services—all delivered with the personalized care characteristic of smaller, community-focused airports.

With a keen focus on safety and operational efficiency, PRC incorporates advanced air traffic control and security protocols, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for all. Moreover, its contribution to Prescott’s economy cannot be overstated, attracting businesses, boosting tourism, and serving as a vital artery for regional commerce.

Prescott Regional Airport embodies more than the practicalities of modern air travel; it’s a symbol of Prescott’s rich history, community spirit, and forward-looking approach to connectivity and economic development. Whether you’re embarking on a journey for business or pleasure, PRC extends a warm welcome, offering a gateway to the wonders of Prescott and beyond, all while ensuring your travel experience is both memorable and seamless.

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