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Capstone Homes, a leading name in custom and production homebuilding in Northern Arizona, has carved out a niche for itself with a strong emphasis on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. Founded by seasoned professionals with a deep well of experience, Capstone Homes prides itself on its pioneering efforts in sustainable home construction. Their journey in setting a high benchmark began with adopting the Energy Star Certified homes initiative and progressed to constructing Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) as part of a rigorous program by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Why Choose Capstone Homes 

Promoter of healthier living environments

Their commitment to sustainability is further underscored by their partnerships with Energy Star, WaterSense, and Indoor AirPlus programs, culminating in recognition through the U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards. This dedication not only highlights Capstone’s focus on energy efficiency but also their contribution to promoting healthier living environments.


Holistic approach to homebuilding

Capstone Homes operates with a vision that marries craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. The team, along with their trade partners, is devoted to delivering custom quality across every project. Their approach to homebuilding is holistic, aiming to provide an enjoyable and comprehensive experience for buyers, from the initial design phases to post-purchase support, backed by a substantial warranty. This ensures homeowners not only invest in a property but in a lifestyle marked by quality, service, and value.

Crafting Homes Tailored to your Needs

The builder invites each new homebuyer to visit our design studio, where they can choose all the finishes for their new home, from flooring and appliances to wall tiles and light fixtures, and everything in between. This seamless, integrated process allows clients to personalize their homes according to their specific desires and needs, showcasing Capstone’s flexibility and dedication to customer preference. Whether crafting an estate or a quality production home,  Capstone Homes is committed to ensuring each homeowner takes pride in owning a property that bears their name.


For those considering settling in Arizona, Capstone Homes offers an appealing option by blending advanced construction methods with a strong dedication to sustainability and customer contentment.